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Multiply Your Mercy – 2 min read

Meditation on Matthew 25:14-30 The parable of the Bags of Gold, illustrates our lives during this time of waiting for Jesus to

Multiply Your Mercy – 2 min read2020-11-22T10:31:28-05:00

Readiness – 2 min read

Readiness Meditation on Matthew 25:1-13 The parable of the 10 virgins describes the events of the end times. There is a powerful

Readiness – 2 min read2020-11-11T02:06:28-05:00

Beatitudes – 2 min read

Meditation on Matthew 5:1-12 With Jesus' nine statements of blessing in the Sermon on the Mount, God offers His precious gifts to

Beatitudes – 2 min read2020-11-11T01:03:05-05:00

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-19-2020

Meditation on Matthew 22:15-22 The question was designed to convince Jesus that there were only two answers: "Yes, it is lawful to

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-19-20202020-10-19T16:04:16-04:00

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-12-2020

Meditation on Matthew 22:1-14 When the man arrived at the wedding, the servants of the king came and offered him clothing that

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-12-20202020-10-12T14:05:22-04:00

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-05-2020

Meditation on Mathew 21:33-46 God offered life to Israel, but God’s prophets suffered cruel violence. Then Jesus came just as the prophets

Meditation – 2 min read / 10-05-20202020-10-06T07:55:59-04:00

Meditation – 2min read / 09-28-2020

Meditation on Matthew 21:23-32 Instead of following Jesus and honoring the truth, the temple authorities honored their own agenda. Their agenda was

Meditation – 2min read / 09-28-20202020-09-28T00:48:25-04:00

Meditation – 2 min read / 09-21-2020

Meditation on Matthew 20:1-16 Our culture has many ways of judging who is first: wealth, fame, beauty, and so forth. These things

Meditation – 2 min read / 09-21-20202020-09-21T10:09:18-04:00
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